I am a married, mother of 2 with two careers. I am not unique here, as every parent has two careers: one career as a parent and then a second career doing whatever you do when you’re not parenting, or as I call it, “yelling at your kids.”

For my second career, I happen to work outside the home and for the most part really enjoy it. I get to create PowerPoint presentations, lead meetings on topics I don’t understand and learn exclusive vocabulary that will confuse and annoy everyone outside of my workplace.

I am approaching middle age and in my free time I wrestle with the age-old debate: wrinkles or Botox? I would love to own a Jeep Wrangler and drive around town with no doors, but my husband has managed to convince me, for the time being, that this is probably not the safest method of transporting our offspring.

My blogging goal is to attract enough advertisers that I can pay for my kids’ textbooks in college. My blog currently has about 14 followers. Clearly I’m on my way.


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